Please Help With 3 Day Old Chick

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  1. vandergrift20

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    Oct 16, 2009
    my 3 day old chick is having trouble walkin and sitting some times it can take a few steps and it will sit and eat for a few minutes but once it looses its balance and flips over it has a hard time getting up:([​IMG][​IMG]:([​IMG]
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    Try giving it a few drops of Poly-Vi-Sol twice a day. Poly-Vi-Sol is liquid baby vitamins/supplement sold just about anywhere. Gerber also makes their own version and I think they call theirs "vitamin drops" or something similar.

    Some little chicks have vitamin deficiencies. You can dribble some Poly-Vi-Sol on the side of its beak and see if it will swallow. Or, if necessary, you can gently open the beak and drop some in the very front of the lower beak and let it swallow. Don't try to force it down their throats or they can aspirate on it. I also use shallow dishes of water, like jar lids, and put a little water and a dropper full of Poly-Vi-Sol in my brooders especially if chicks are weak, twisted neck, fraile, not thriving.
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    I have had a few of these so far. I gave them Poly, gave them water with a dropper, tried scrambled eggs and yogart. Nothing worked. most have died.

    I have one right now doing the same thing.

    But, this is JMO and might be cruel. If they fail to thrive and are weak, then I would rather not have them in my flock. I say only the strong survive. I am an animal lover and still bothers me that they die, but there is only so much one can do.

    I do have one that is doing pretty gppd now, he had the same problem, but seems to have pulled out of it. So, you just never know.

    I just had a Silkie SG that was dead this morning, this one really bothered me as I only had 2 anyway. But, he was not growing. His siblings were twice his size already. But, he never fell on side or anything, and he would eat, just would not grow.

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