Please help with breed pronounciation!


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This is sort of embarrassing, but everything I know about chicken breeds comes from book knowledge, and I don't know how to pronounce the breeds! Can you help me a bit?
Wyandotte- WYE-an-dot
Ameraucana- am-ER-uh-CAUN-uh

And is it CO-shin, or CO-chin, or what?

And help with-
Norwegian Jaerhone

I apologize for my stupididy; does anyone have this problem?
And is it CO-shin, or CO-chin, or what?- CO-chin

And help with-
Appenzeller- AP-an-zeler
D'Uccle -Doo-clay
Campine- Camp een
Crevecoeur- Creevacore
Faverolle- faverole

sorry- gotta rush- I hear cheeps coming from the incubator!
I'll take my best guesses for you.

1. Wyandotte=Why-n-dote (?)
2. Cochin=Co-chin
3. Appenzeller=Ap-en-zeller
4. Aseel=?
5. D'Uccle=Doo-clay (it's French)
6. Campine=Camp-ine
7. Crevecoeur=?
8. Faverolle=Fav-er-ol
9. Fayoumi=Fay-oom-ee
10. Kraienkoppe=?
11. Maran=Mar-in (?)
12. Penedesenca=?
13. Welsummer=Well-sum-er (?)
14. D'Anver=?
15. Catalana=?
16. Norwegian Jaerhone=?

Lol, I forgot the second one. I think you have it right though.
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Allrighty! I can't help with all of them, but I'll give you a hand up.
Cochin Co- chin
Appenzeller A (like the a sound in apple) Pen Seller (with a z in place of the s)
Aseel A Seal
D'Uccle Dew Clay
Campine Cam peen (like ball peen hammer)
Crevocoeur Creh veh cure
Faverolle Fah vur Ol'
Fayoumi Fay You Me
Kraienkoppe I'm not even gonna try that one, LOL! I think it's "cry and cope" but not sure
Marans Muh ran
Penedesenca Penne (like the pasta) Des (like desk - the k) N kuh
Welsummer say swell summer and then remove the "s" from the front of swell
D'Anver Dan and the last part of Denver =Dan ver
Catalana Cat uh la nuh
Norwegian Jaerhone K, again, not gonna try it, LOL! I could give you Norwegian, but I bet that's not what you need.
I have a problem with some of them, it took me forever to say Penedesenca, because I kept saying it too fast and it came out pendesenca.
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Surely no expert here, but this is the way I say them

Wyandotte- WYE-an-dot (I say why and DOTE)
Ameraucana- am-ER-uh-CAUN-uh


And help with-
Appenzeller~~Just the way it looks AP en zel ler
Aseel--- a-SEEL
D'Uccle---dew CLAY
Campine---CAM pine
Crevecoeur---CRE ve core (like apple core)
Faverolle---FAV er all
Fayoumi---fi (like fe, fi, fo, fum) YOU me---fi YOU me
Kraienkoppe---CRY en cop
Maran----(spelled marans
) MAR ens
Penedesenca----PEN de sanka (?)
Welsummer----WELL summer
D'Anver----? DAN ver
Norwegian Jaerhone---???
D'Uccle---dew CLAY

Wow! I was so far off on my mental pronounciation it ain't even funny. Glad I never talked about them to anyone.

I got another one for y'all. It may just be local hillbilly slang around here but when anyone mentions Australorps they say it like austra lop. The r is not pronounced. Is the r really silent or are all us hillbillies around here saying it wrong?
I am still unclear about Marans

I pronounced it Mu-rance for a long time with the accent on second syllable.

I have been told more than once it is more like Mare (like the horse) unz, accent on Mare. Mare-unz. I would like to know
Wyandotte- WYE-an-dot yes
Ameraucana- am-ER-uh-CAUN-uh close enough

And is it CO-shin, or CO-chin, or what? co-chin

And help with-
Appenzeller ap-in-zell-er
Aseel uh-seal
D'Uccle duck-el or du-clay (although I've heard more pronunciations for this breed than there are letters in the word
Campine cam-peen
Crevecoeur crev-o-cour
Faverolle fav-e-roll
Fayoumi fay-ou--me
Kraienkoppe cray-in-cop
Maran (marans, not maran) ma-rans
Penedesenca pen-e-den-ska
Welsummer wel-sum-mer
D'Anver (always has an s at end, d'anvers, not d'anver) dan-vers
Catalana cat-uh-lan-uh
Norwegian Jaerhone Nor-wei-jan yar-hun (not absolutely sure on this one)

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