please help with call ducks


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Sep 24, 2008
west cumbria, england, UK
im new to the forum i keep nine hens one cockerel and three call ducks,
the problem i have is with the ducks i got three apricot calls about three months ago from a breeder i was told that i had 2 ducks and a drake but have since found out that i have two drakes and one duck,
i know this isn't good and this morning i caught the biggest drake mating the duck there is no fighting between the drakes yet and i think only one is mating the duck,
what should i do???
i cant find any one with females for sale i phoned the breeder and she offered to buy one drake back (she has no females)
ive had no eggs from the female yet now the male is mating her will i get eggs or will she wait until spring?
should i keep trying to get more females or should i sell the spare drake?

PS i would like to have a go at breeding would this be easier to start with just two, a duck and drake.

thanks Olpoll
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Showers of Blessings
11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Clark CO. IL 25 Chicken Years
First I want to say that I will be no help at all!

I have three call ducks, also. It is quickly becoming obvious that I have 3 females. Of course no one has a Grey drake to sell me.

I'll watch this thread as I have questions like yours. I have lost my heart to these beautiful tiny ducks!! Good luck with yours!

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