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Mar 22, 2008
I have 8 chicken and 2 duck eggs hatching as a homeschool project with my sons. They built a wooden incubator with a plexiglass front with dad, and as of last night, at 16 days gestation for the chicks there was movement visible in all 8 eggs; at 23 days gestation there was movement in both duck eggs (I swear I thought I saw a little webbed foot pressed against the shell, is that possible?!)

Theh problem is, these turn out to be Muscovy Ducks which take another full week to hatch from other ducks. I had thought these would all be hatching at the same time by getting duck eggs a week older but...

Now I am worried about increasing the humidity for the chickens to hatch, and I am reading here that you can't let eggs stay in an incubator where hatching is going on because of disease. Will I drown the ducks by increasing the humidity level for the chicks to hatch, and will I kill the ducks if I let the chicks hatch in there with them then sterize the incubator?

I have to admit, I am getting seriously attached to these little guys. My son is always wanting to start some kind of business (he's an 8 year old determined entreprenneur, lol) and I am thinking this might be a good one!

Also, when they hatch, how will I tell boys from girls?


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I have never hatched duck eggs but I do have goose eggs in the bator and they are waterfowl.

After day 18 chickens eggs need 65% - 70% humidity.

During incubation ducks/geese need 55% - 60% humidity. In their last 4 days the humidity should be raised to 80%.

I don't see where raising the humidity for the chicken eggs will harm the duck eggs but I am no expert.

I have never tried to hatch waterfowl with chickens eggs. I have an incubator going for chicken eggs now and one for goose eggs. I am just to nervous to try and put them together in the same bator.

Maybe someone with more experience will come talk to us!

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