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Aug 12, 2016
Hello , I am new to this. I have several different breeds of chickens and all of them were pretty easy to spot which were the hens. Having all the common traits... Then come my leghorns, whom are a whole different story. I was only able to get a picture of one of them. But the other one has a larger comb that was flopping over. Some days they behave as if they are hens and go into the croatching position. But they are also very dominant. They are at 20 weeks and haven't layed an egg yet. And the floppy comb one is getting quite vocal. ( you can hear it from the house but it's to quite a crow)... Any ideas?
Leghorns are noisy and chatty by nature. Since they haven't laid yet, they probably will in the near future. Combs redden before the first egg is laid. The flopped over comb is a characteristic of the breed, so it's completely normal. I hope I could help!

That's a pullet, and if she's not laying now, it looks like literally any day.

Leghorn roosters have different coloring than the females. Think the Kellogg's rooster, that's what they look like.
Oh and one of them did not even 12 hours after writing this post one of them laid the most perfect little mini egg!
Now is she going to be sporadic with her laying For awhile? Or can I expect her to be pretty regular right off the get go?
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