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  1. screger43

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    Jun 7, 2016
    I had a hen sitting on her eggs in my coop. I would guess that they would have hatched later this week. I go to the coop this morning and something got in and took my hen. There are feathers all over the yard. 2 of the eggs are cracked but there are about 8 left. Is it too late to save them? Can someone please give me advice? I do have an incubator but I don't know how to use it and my husband won't be home from work until about 5 hours from now. I don't know how long the eggs have been without the hen but my guess would be about 6 hours. Is it too late to save them? I feel horrible right now. My hen is dead and I at least would like to save her babies. It is about 90 degrees outside here and I took a towel and layed it on top of the eggs to at least try to keep them warm.
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    They probably won't last that long. Are you able to take out the incubator and turn it on? Then tell us what kind it is and we will help you.
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