Please help


Jul 16, 2016
Chisago city, Minnesota
I have a Cayuga that was pinned down by a playful puppy, I feared the worst when she wouldn't walk. The next day she limped around and could get to the food and water by her self. She appeared to be getting much better over the next couple weeks. But then yesterday and today she can hardly walk, she has kind of a limp necknow, and is much smaller than the other four. Is it too late to save her or am I screwed?
I haven't been in this situation.

I think this duck needs to be kept separate from the others while she heals. Does she have a best buddy ? If so put the best buddy with her in a separate area and give them their own food water station. She may have been bullied away from food if she is the only hurt duck.

Would it be possible to make her Some plain scrambled eggs ?

Quick swims in warm water can be healing and help her feel like her old self

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