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cluck mama

Aug 5, 2016
Last Sunday I had to start my hens on antibiotics for a respiratory infection. Everyone seems to be clearing up and doing well until yesterday. One of my barred rocks have quit eating. She seems sad. I have checked her over very well. Eyes nose and mouth are clear. No mites and doesn't seem to be egg bound. She is young and hasn't started to lay yet. She has nibbled at some cooked rice and yogurt as well as some cucumber and tomatoes. I'm very worried. Also her poo looks normal.
Welcome to BYC. How does her crop feel--empty, full, soft or hard, or puffy? What antibiotic are you using? Can you try giving her some yogurt mixed with egg and water? Tuna may also be tempting. What respiratory symptoms have they been showing?
Her crop feels normal. I'm using duramycin 10.I will give the yogurt egg mixture a try. She seems to respond to the rice the best. As far as the respiratory infection one of my girls had some swelling around her eye and a runny nose she is back to normal. The hen that is not eating well had starting coughing last Saturday evening, she also had a runny nose. Sunday when I left her out her cough was gone and she was a little rattly . She has been acting normal up until yesterday. I'm at a loss.
It sounds like you may have an outbreak of mycoplasma or MG. If you have a very sick bird, you may want to get Tylan 50 injectable, and use it orally or by injection into the breast muscle. Dosage is 1 ml for a 5 pound bird, given twice a day for 3-5 days. Orally works fine without danger of injecting in the wrong place. MG creates carriers of most of the flock, whether they got sick or not, so you will probably want to close your flock to new birds or birds leaving your flock.

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