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One of my chicks hatched and is really healthy and strong, but another one hatched yesterday and doesn't look good. It had some stuff coming out of its belly button (but thats healing in now) and it lies down loads. Its feathers were really sticky and still haven't properly dried out. There was a lot of blood in the egg. It can't walk properly yet and it hasn't eaten or drank anything, but it tries feebly to peck sometimes. It hasn't cheeped once yet either, but it kind of gasps with its mouth opoen every now and then. When it pooped it just was all watery and red-ish and it didn't come out properly so I cleaned it up so he doesn't get pasted up. What is wrong with it? Please can anyone help me? it looks so sorry for itself and I don't know what to do.
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Oh I'm so sorry.
I am not sure what may be wrong with it...Make sure you don't touch it; LEAVE IT IN THE INCUBATOR! Let it dry off more and rest more. It may just be because it's tired, but if it hatched yesterday then I don't think it should be that tired today. Or it could just be a weak chick that hatched. I really don't know for sure.

Hopefully someone will help you very soon!

Good luck and I hope the little chick makes it.
Don't give up on him/her now. Just make sure not to handle it, keep it warm, and leave it in the bator.
I'm assuming you have read the whole section on here about incubating and hatching...
You may have a chick who just hasn't absorbed all of the yolk yet, or you may have a bigger problem of the chick being born with the intestines outside. It sounds like the former, since you have already seen some healing.
Try dipping its beak, or hold a drop of water out to it on your finger. Getting fluids into the baby is the most important thing - I'd be more worried about that than about it eating right now.
Good luck...
Thankyou so much for your answers. I have made up a watery porridgey sugary thing for him to eat and he started pecking at it! Its the first bit of progress so far. He is sleeping again now - I think it was quite an effort to peck, bless him!

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