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9 Years
Aug 21, 2010
I just recently had silkies hatch 16 baby chicks the other day, and i found one that i think hatched this morning maybe, he looks fine, hes churping well, but his left eye is completely shut, there dirt or something completely surrounding his eye, his other eye is fine, is this something that will clear up, or do i need to wash it off somehow?
Could it be part of the egg membrane clinging to his face? You might try to very gently swab it off with warm water. Careful not to wet the chick all over. (If you do, just gently blow dry with a dryer.)

It would be a good idea to pick it up and have a very close look in any case.
Just be super gentle, use a nice warm washcloth or a bounty paper towel, and just kind of dab the area until the crud loosens....Like you would a human baby....It'll be OK!


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