13 Years
Feb 12, 2009
I need to know if I can open my cabinet incubator, while chicks are hatching. I noticed an egg in the last shelve that appears to be leaking. At day 17 I candled and all looked good. What I think happened was when I was turning (it has a slide bar, old 1930's Master Farmers incubator) it cracked up against the metal, tray was not full. So can I open or not. I have 180 eggs in it and they are not my chicks, just the don't want to lose any, I will be losing money. Only get paid for those that hatch. Everything was going so well, now this.
I would say do what you have to, but do it very quickly & only open the door as far as you absolutely have to. Maybe give the inside of the bator a couple quick sprays from a mister bottle of hot water to bring humidity back up instantly.
Thanks everyone, I'm assuming the chick will be dead. I'm on day 19. I will check back in a few. Got to do that and take care of some chicks in the coop.
Well I open the incubator and inspected three eggs on 3 different trays. None were cracked. There was two chicks in a tray and maybe they pooed or something. Well the hatch is going great. I didn't realize there was going to be a solar eclispe today. Until yesterday. Lucky for me. But those chicks are popping like pop corn
Today is day 20 and right on time. I'm so excited.
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