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5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
TGIF. Hello all I am new to this site . I browsed the site and couldn't find the answer so I joined. I purchased 4 Berkshire piglets a week ago tomorrow from a breeder I found on the Berkshire breeders list online. The breeder informed of the PEDV, but told me it spreads quickly and kills within 24 hours. Two of the piglets developed diarrhea by the time we arrived home. The trip was about 3 1/2 hours. The problem has not spread to the others yet ( knock on wood). The Two piglets that have the diarrhea are active, eating and drinking. The only other symptom that I am aware of is a white (sleep?) in their eyes. Their tails are curled at times and straight at times. Their feed is producers pride from TSC tractor supply. Treats have been Generic twinkies, marshmallows, hard boiled eggs from our coop, and various fruits and veggies. NO bananas. They have a constant supply of fresh water and feed at all times. They have a soccer ball, and large rubber ball sold at Walmart this time of year and 3 old tires that they love to play with. What else? Oh the two piglets that have the malady are smaller, about half the size of the other piglets. We currently have chickens and ducks if that matters. My question is this, can the diarrhea still be from stress or should I be concerned? I was thinking about trying yogurt or should I call a vet? These are meat pigs not pets if that helps. I apologize if I seem to be rambling on I am new to pigs and very nervous.
I don't know what to tell you. Since the piglets do not seem to be critically ill, I would go to the feed store and get something for scours in piglets. There used to be a red medicine available that you squirted down their mouths and was very effective. The fact that the piglets with the scours are much smaller than the others would concern me. If they were mine I would take a fecal sample and take it to the vet to be tested. Coccidia and worms are two possibilities.
Maybe. Maybe not. I would definitely have them tested for coccidia if nothing else. And worm medicines may or may not work. A fecal test will tell you if they still have worms. There is a reason those little piggies are smaller than the others. If the problem is worms or coccidia a test will let you know so you can take care of it. By the way, I have always liked Berkshire hogs. Wanted one for a pet but never managed it.
I think we will have them checked out. Thank you. I should have mentioned that the size difference is due to age difference. The Berks are great. We were going to name them because of them being dinner and all but one has such a personality we began calling her Brat. She is hysterical. Anyway thank you for the advise.

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