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5 Years
Sep 25, 2014
Hello, my both roosters chase my ducks so with separated them by putting a fencing around. Today I stepped outside and found my one of my roosters in the duck pen(most likely he flew over a 3.5' fence with one of his wings trimmed) and found one of my female ducks lying on it's belly and not even able to stand up. She is moving her feet a bit but still not even close to get up. I picked her up and she didn't even minded. Checked her and can't find the problem why she not able to get up but I'm new at this. I brought her home and gave her water and food and she seems to be eating fine. Now I put her in the box with food and water but not sure how to help her further. Asked a few people and they said the vet won't want to deal with ducks. She is about 28weeks old and was healthy and seemed to not have any problems at all. If anyone knows what to do PLEASE HELP! I'm pretty sure she is in a lot of pain:((

Sounds like he probably injured her seriously. Ducks can recover, let's give her a chance.

Get her into a tub of lukewarm water. See if she can float or swim. Don't leave her alone, she may drown if she cannot move correctly.

Just see if and how she can move.

Let her rest, keep her in a safe place, warm enough to not get chilled.

Look her over carefully for any signs of injury, puncture wounds, etc. Look under her wings, look at her vent.

Put poultry vitamins in her water every three or four days, to boost her.

As for the people telling you the vet would not be interested - unless they are the veterinarian you want to see, I would not let that keep me from contacting a vet to find out if they can help. They may be able to prescribe an anti-inflammatory or pain medication.

I suspect she may have a back injury. And if it is not too serious, rest, anti-inflammatory medicine, and TLC will have her back on her feet.

hennible wrote a couple of weeks ago that her vet said Advil is okay for ducks. It is important that you know her correct weight, here is what hennible wrote:

For ducks 6-8 lbs 25-40mg twice daily adult tablets cut up or children's liquid Advil 1.5ml twice daily, orally.
@amiga that's what I was trying to do(except for Advil) but I was checking on the duck the whole night and only today in the late morning she tried getting up. I decided to take her out of the box and she laid an egg:). She kept trying to walk and after a few try's she WALKED!! She walked wobbly to the other ducks. Now she is with them and seems to be fine and healthy again:) we are over joyed:) because we were gonna take her to see a guy that could have possibly helped but now we don't have to:) YEY!!
Try washing any visible wounds with hydrogen peroxide.

sometime ago one of our duckling had injuries at the base of the wing, washed it daily with hp.
in 4-5 days was healed.

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