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May 3, 2015
I recently acquired six Ameraucana Chicks. I believe they are about 3-5 days old. I am really concerned for one of my chicks. She is weak, rarely open her eyes, and when I try to get her to stand, or set her down on her feet, she will just sit back, and will not go anywhere but where I put her. She will not eat, so I hand feed her daily some warm egg yoke in water and she usually takes it. I have seen her drink from the waterer though, but it usually takes her a while to get to there. All the other chicks are growing tremendously, while I have not yet seen an increase in size. What is wrong with my chick, and is there anything I can do to help?
Sometimes euthanasia is the correct way to handle this. Can you ask the breeder to give you a healthy substitute
Try Poly Vi Sol {without iron} human infant vitamins, a drop or two twice a day. I learned about that here on BYC and after it saved the Easter Egger chick I got this Spring that was really weak and not doing well at all, I'm a big believer in the stuff now. Make sure it's the kind without iron. You can find it in the pharmacy or even supermarket. Best wishes with your little one.
Keeping the chick hydrated is the most important thing. Egg yolks are a good thing to feed them. Vitamin B is something you might think about getting in her diet too. I have been helping one of my chicks with feeding. I have to get up in the night about every 3 hrs to make sure she is not hungry or thirsty. Keep it up you are doing all you can. I lost one a week ago and I lost a lot of sleep with her. I was heartbroken when she passed away in my hands. Keep us updated on her condition.
She sadly passed on this past Monday. My sister was just going to get her something to eat, and I was about to go pick up the medicine you suggested, but I guess it was her time.

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