?PLEASE?Incubating Duck & Chicken Eggs 2gether

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, Jan 20, 2011.

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    If I use the LG Auto Turner for both Chicken & Duck Eggs, I can mist Duck Eggs with out getting Chicken Eggs wet but, day 18 need to remove auto turner(don't turn last 3 days)? ~so thats good for Ducks, I can continue turning by hand. BUT...**Isn't this also Lock Down for Chicken Eggs? ~** How do I turn Duck Eggs while Lock Down for Chicken Eggs? ANYTHING ELSE I Need to Know B 4 I Attempt this? THANKS, Julie
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    Best of Luck. I have never incubated Duck and Chicken eggs together in an incubator. I have however incubated chicken and duck eggs under a chicken. Its fairly easy when you use a bird, but not sure on the incubator. As far as stopping the turner, Ive had chicks hatch while the turner was working. The dates were set wrong, I put the chicken eggs at 3 weeks, but did not account that they were already being incubated by the mom for a few days.

    Honestly, If I were you, I would just incubate duck eggs for 1 week, then add the chicken eggs. They will all hatch out at the same time. Then you dont have to worry about turning any eggs, you can stop the timmer at the same time.
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    Jul 10, 2010
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    I incubated ducks and chickens together but I have 2 incubators at lockdown I put the chicks in the other bator to hatch and left the ducks on the turner for another week. I would be afraid of losing humidity turning duck eggs when the chicks were hatching.
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    Thank you for your help texascowboy1979 [​IMG] But, I already put all the eggs in the Incubator.. (13)Golden Cascade Duck Eggs & (7)Chicken Eggs~ Thursday: 1/20 @ 4:30 A.M (a couple hrs. ago). It makes good since though, waiting a week to add the chicken eggs. (I didn't think about that.) This is my 2nd clutch. The 1st clutch didn't work. So I made hard boiled eggs for the Ducks.

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