Please let me know if this is the right DE, before I use it on my hens


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Apr 4, 2009
I got some DE from our local farm store yesterday. They had to order it in special for me. When I called the lady had no clue what I was even talking about and I asked her if she could check and see if it could be ordered. I specified at least 5 times that is needed to be food grade DE. She said she believed it was because it was listed with all their feeds. She said something non consumable wouldn't even be in her department. But, since she really didn't even know what it was, I would you guys to check out what I got. Here are the pics of the bag:





What do you think? Thanks!!
the line about using in animal feed and not to exceed 2% is what tells me its safe. Thats what ration to use the food grade DE with, and if it werent safe for animal consumption I imagine that wouldnt be on the bag. It obviously is a different brand then my DE, but I do believe you got the right stuff.
That is the stuff you use in pool filters. It is toxic. It should have a picture of animals on it, include a line about adding 2% to animal feed or specifically say FOOD GRADE.
It looks like the right stuff to me. The fact that it says it can be added to animal feed and that the ingredients are 1% or less silica makes me think it's the right kind. I would still wait till you get a few more replies though.

This is the swimming pool DE.

The bag really should say "CODEX" and also "FOOD GRADE"

Just because it says animal does not mean it is meant for it.

Some COWS can tolerate this, not your chickens.

Send it back or exchange it.

EVERY ONE. Please do a Google search of this. This is a CHINESE company....

Qingdao Zhonghuajian Trade Co., Ltd.

They may add it to their animals, but that does not mean it is the DE WE USE !!!
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I'd be leary of it if it doesn't say FOOD GRADE. I ordered mine from local feed store and stated that "it must say FOOD GRADE or forget it".

BTW, i got it for 19.95 + tax, 6.5% - 50#
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Your does have animal feed instruction. I missed that photo when I first opened the thread. Weird...I just checked my DE bag label and it does NOT contain silica. It has DE and a form of clay. I thought the silica was the problem with non-food grade DE.

OK...just looked up says it is a food additive.

Still confused.
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This does sound like Food Grade. The percentage is correct anyway. Does it say anywhere on the bag "Food Chemical Codex Grade"? The less than 1% is the right type. Pool Filter grade is about 85% silicon dioxide.

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