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Hi everyone! I have 4 hens and 3 roosters. I know what your thinking; Thats not enough hens for 3 roos!! Well, its not. So, we have Wesley, Dingle, and Dublin for roos, and Peach, Star, Pebbles, and Fluffer-nugget for hens. Welsey is the lead rooster. I love Wesley soo much! He is absiloutley stunning!! he is sweet, adorable, and likes to cuddle accaisoanally. Dingle, is the second rooster in the pecking order. He is amazing. He is a cute SS and he is very snuggly, sweet, loving, adorable, caring, and does his little sideways mating dance of us. We also have Dublin, another SS who is quietly awesome!! He it the third roo in the pecking order. He is snuggly, adorable, quiet and sweet. For the last few days, Wesley has been picking on the other 2 roos. He hasnt been letting them eat, and we have noticed cuts in Dingles comb wich we think is from Wesley.
Today, we put food and water on top of the coop for the 2 (thats where theyv'e been). Every day when we go to check on them, we let them into a larger areea where they hunt for bugs, take dust baths, and just plain have fun! That is Dingle and Dublin's chance to have more fun. Now, Wesley isnt picking on them as bad as i make it seem, but its still a big probmlem! Were thinking about seperating Wesley from the other chiekens, but he has 2 hens that he loves, and they love him too. We have decided that we are going to put fencing over the larger part of thier area so that can live there too. That will help solve the problem, but it wont completely solve it. We need to do this soon though, because litgtle Dingle is really trying to be the top roo, and that gets him hurt a little. When we let them into the larger area, Wesley dosent realy pick on them, but they seem scared of him. What I also want to do is hatch some of thier eggs. The 2 problems with that are : We dont have a broody, and we cant afford getting another roo. There is absiloutley NO way we are going to get rid of any of our chickens. Please pray that we get a broody, and that the eggs that hatch are hens. Also pray for Dingle, Dublin and Wesley. Pray that Dingle and Dublin will be safe, and that Wesley wil be nicer!! They really need help!!!


Okay, today, we went to see them and we brought chicken wire.

We put wire in the middle to make 2 sections. There is a coop, water, a nesting box, food, and some kind of a perch on both sides. At first, Dingle and Dublin didnt know they were seperated from Wesley! They stayed on top of the cage 'cause they didnt know they were safe!! Finally, 4 hours later we came back and they were still on top of the cage!! We brought them down, and this time they stayed down and got some food and water! YAYYYY!!! The only bad thing is that Wes (wesleys nickname) wont stop picking on them when they free range for about an hour or 2 every day.
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Oops, not trying to bump or anything, but is it normal for a comb to flop over?
Can you seperate them? We started a bachelor pad for two of our three roos. They were going to kill each other when they were in with the hens but live very peacefully with each other in their own seperate pen. They still want to get to the girls but they do not fight about it anymore.
yes, we are thinking about htat, but we dont know wherer to put the fence to seperate them. I will post pics of thier home soon.
Here is a radical idea: Caponize the roosters you don't want to breed. Gotta find a vet to do it though if the roosters are fully developed as without the proper equipment they will bleed to death.

I'm trying to get vet schools to start teaching this procedure once again as caponizing a beloved pet rooster is an alternative to somebody's dinner table. I'm opposed to simply tying the bird down and opening the bird up. I'd prefer to see a more humane method developed for the pet rooster-anesthesia, sterile technique, and pain management.
Yet another question: How do you take a roosters spurs off? Can you just file them down like a nail? I dont want to do anything that will involve blood!!

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