Please Pray for my daughter


12 Years
Feb 8, 2007
Ontario Canada
She's 18, was/is a handful, but good heart. She's 18 and pregnant and living 1500 miles away. I want her to come back home, will find her living accommodations on her own b/c we don't get along very well to be honest...but she doesn't want to be anywhere near me.
My sister is interfering trying to convince her to move to the city near her...but my daughter is a country girl and quite frankly is much safer miles away in the small town that she is in now!
Please pray that God intervenes and helps my daughter make the right choices. I have been doing my best not to interfere because I am of the mind that "leave them alone and they'll come home...eventually"
I may be wrong, but I can't say anything that she will listen to anyway. I just don't want her convinced to move to a huge city and live in low rental housing!
Thanks so much for your prayers! God's will be done...
How difficult. I'll say a prayer for her that God works in her heart so that she finds the best solution and support for her and her unborn baby!

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this heartache.
She will come home, Because I can garentee this; as the only 19 y/o I know that does'nt have children:: A meddling sis could never replace a mother's love-no matter the cirumstance.
Still, I will pray that the process happens faster. stay strong.
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Prayers are with you, your daughter and her child.

I suggest you open your heart, tell her how much you love her and want to be a loving grandmother to her child. Offer support, help and space, and promise not to interfere.

As for your sister, be honest and tell her to "butt out"!
I sympathize with you. I have an 18 yr old that sounds similar. We just keep praying that she will find herself. Mine is not pregnant... yet.
I pray it all works out... i KNOW the stress!

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