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    She 30 with a new dd 1.5 years old. She just got diaginesed with cancer. Nobody should ever have to deal with this. But my heart goes out for her and family. She's such a good person, good mom, good wife. She's only 30, they will be operating within the month. She has bowel cancer, she will get a "clostoy bag" sp, sorry .. while she heals..

    Life is cruel, I want to be there for her best I can. Gonna babysit, and clean her house a bit and make meals. Anything else I'm over looking?
    I won't be the best moral support, although I hope to be, we have had differences in the past.. All my fault.. So she may not want me too close. But I will be there to help with my niece and whatever else I can see needs to be done..

    Anyone ever been through this? What would you hope a sil to do to help, not get in the way..
    Thank you everyone for your ideas.
    Please pray for her, quick recovery

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    It sounds like your heart is in the right place. Help when it's needed. Be there to talk if she's willing to, but don't get hurt if she isn't ready for deep conversations. Babysitting, making meals, housekeeping - all more than most people will do. If you don't know what else she might need help with, ask her or her husband. It is different for everyone.

    When my FIL was hositalized with esophageal cancer, he had bad psychotic reactions to some of the drugs. He 'saw' things that were not there, felt like there were people shooting arrows at him. Would you believe that the one thing that I brought him that helped the most was a nerf gun? He felt like he could defend himself with that 'weapon'. You never know what can 'help'. Sending healing thoughts and blessings to your SIL, and best wishes for you and your SIL to heal your relationship.
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    Prayers! [​IMG]

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