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    Mar 16, 2013
    Ok so first hatch for over a decade in on day 10 and have just candled and apart from a couple of clears and a couple of question marks I have a question about the air sack and humidity. I have a chart that I found on here somewhere for the size it should at 7, 14 and 18 that I am comparing to.

    i have an octogan 20 older model, not digital or anything, in a turning cradle, I've had the vent half open and one water well full every couple of days and humidity has sat at 20-21% but today when candling I thought the air sacks were too small they were if anything a bit smaller than seven day, should I run it dry for a couple of days and re candle a few?? How long does it take for a reaction to humidity change?? I don't want to kill the little yeepers!!! Please help? I'm in northern England, snow outside, but house is a constant 18c 24 hrs a day, incy in living room with no other heat source neat by. Don't know if any other info would help?[​IMG]
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    Feb 1, 2013
    Running it dry would be OK. I'm not sure how long you will have to do it, but the air cell should tell you that. From your description it appears you are getting to much humidity. If you have room, you can cover part of the water cavity to decrease the amount of humidity. Humidity is determined by square inches of evaporative surface , so if you cover part of the cavity you are decreasing the square inches of evaporative surface which will decrease overall humidity. When it comes time to increase humidity you can simply pull the cover off, but you may have to have additional water capacity area too.

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