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    I am really hoping to make this less profitable in the future for some of these companies!!!!!!! I think we are an average American family, we bought a bedroom set for our teenage daughter this year for her birthday, went to Slumberland because she liked what she saw in their ad, they had no money down financing for 18 months, I thought with no finance charge and no interest for 18 months how can they possibly make any money ? but we have good credit and we can do it so we did. We made triple the expected payment for like 6 months and then my husband realized they hadn't sent the monthly bill???????? that is exactly where they hope to catch you!!!!!!!!! We messed up our credit in the past and now my husband is very careful to pay our bills on time BUT if they don't send a bill you still owe it-----ON TIME!!!!! They have now charged us a $25 late fee and I'm sure we'll have to pay it but I plan to spread the word as much as I possibly can!!! this was through no fault of our own but they can catch us in the red tape!!! We will pay off the remainder of the balance and leave them nothing to screw us with but PLEASE be aware!!! this was Wells Fargo finance company and they may seem like they are giving you a good deal but they have ways to screw you!!!!!!! Please don't let them make dishonest gain at your expense!!! I will pay the finance charge upfront for what I want but don't try to get it later in a dishonest way!!!!!!!!
  2. Although you might not like to hear this, I fully beg to differ on your opinion on the matter...

    Your failure to understand and/or read the contract you agreed to and signed does not make them dishonest when they follow the contract as written... Even if you don't agree with the policy now...

    Also what you describe is pretty much how all loans operate from any bank or financial institution... In fact in all my life I have never run across a lending institution that didn't' charge a late fee if you missed a payment...

    In the end though, if as you stated you made 'triple' the expected payment for 6 months, those 6 triple payments would have paid off an 18 month installment plan in full... If you were just a little dishonest in your post when stating you made triple payments for 6 month but did actually pay in excess for several months, I'm willing to bet if you are polite, but forceful, while you push and nudge a little with a customer service rep there is a better than average chance you can get the $25 fine refunded/dropped...
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    ok so do you work for a finance company or ***? I will have to go through my bank statements to be absolutely precise and LEGALLY accurate in everything I say but I am in no way being dishonest!!!!!!!!!!! we paid far beyond the minimum payment for approximately 6 months at the time that we received the bill and then they didn't send the bill the next month!!!!! My husband is used to paying the bills when he receives a notice in the mail that the amount is due!!!! THEY ARE COUNTING ON THAT AND DON'T SEND THE NOTICE, so the bill is due but you didn't receive the notice in the mail!!!!!!! I expect to make it quite clear to all the sharks out there !!!!I I promise I will spread the word about how these companies do business!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, since the phone companies weren't given their walking papers (not forced to change contracts to "opt-in" instead of the "opt-out" - for third party charges), even after the 2012 FCC hearings on cramming/slamming of customers. I suppose I'll just link to my old thread on their land line goodness (if you have a mobile contract and haven't "opted-out" do so).

    Most recent (mobile expansion of scam). Maybe the Consumer Protection fellas can get the Ph. carriers to change the wording in their contracts (FCC/FTC obviously suffer from "regulatory capture").

    In depth & how to kill the skim:
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    Yea, if you have been paying triple, those extra payments go to the next months so they cant charge you for being late using a standard loan agreement but if it is setup like a credit card they dont work the same. Cards are bad an so are similar financing rackets.

    Unless you are buying a house you should never take out any credit you could not pay back in cash at any time. Even then it should always be with a local (non chain) bank or credit union an not a finance company.
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    In my experience, Wells Fargo is basically bad news.
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    The special terms APR will continue to apply until all qualifying purchases are paid in full. The minimum monthly payment for this purchase will be the amount that will pay for the purchase in full in equal payments during the promotional (special terms) period. The APR for Purchases will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions.

  8. I agree, gave up all my credit cards and other misc loans about 15 years ago and never looked back, way too much money wasted on interest and fees, figured out that trap long ago... I just pay cash now, no stress, no monthly worries, and best of all I don't overspend my means and everything I own is mine paid in full...

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