Please reassure me that heat lamps are safe!!!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by RachelFromTheBlackLagoon, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Heat lamps aren't as hazardous in a house as in a barn, IMO, because you are more likely to use them properly and see what's going on and have working smoke detectors and such. And a house is a less dusty and combustible-filled environment.

    Make sure the heat lamp is suspended by two independant points, by SECURE material (chain or heavy gauge wire, securely attached at both ends) to FIRM RELIABLE attachment points (don't use decorative ceiling hooks of questionable security, don't hang from a bent nail, that sort of thing)

    Make sure the heatlamp is not excessively close to combustibles (bedding, cardboard, plastic, even wood) and cannot be knocked to where it *is* too close. A 250w bulb should be 16-18"ish from any of those things; a lower wattage bulb can be closer if necessary.

    And make sure the batteries in your smoke alarms are working (as a general thing, of course, not just for this [​IMG])

    It'll be fine [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

  2. Quote:Hahaha I feel like a traitor!!!! I have sooooo much to catch up on over there!
  3. Alright, thanks everybody! I feel a little better about this. I switched from a 100w incandescent to a 150w infra red today because my brooder only got to about 82 degrees and I didn't feel comfortable lowering the lamp anymore. The new setup was at 95 degrees when I left for work. Wow, it was tough to leave... One of my dogs, who usually sleeps up in my bedroom while I'm gone for the day, was gated on the first floor just incase. I feel like I might have to run home and check on everything soon. I think I'll be more comfortable with this after it runs for a few days without incident.
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    I hope you are not using it in a cardboard box.. the surrounding material should be somewhat fire resistant.. wood is ok but do not le the light or shade come into contact with it.. keep at least 3 inches of space between light fixture and any flamable material.
  5. No way! It's a rubbermaid bin and the lamp is not touching. I'm far too paranoid for that!
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    This is definitely NOT common but a coop in NH just burned down, probable cause a heat lamp. The chickens perished. I don't know more but it was in the Nashua Telegraph. So it could happen...

    I have used heat lamps in our barn but agree common sense must apply: secure it at least two ways, make sure it is a ceramic one (not plastic housing), make sure it won't be in contact with things that can catch fire, has good airflow, and dust it off periodically. I still end up checking it a bunch when it's on, to make sure it isn't coming loose....
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    I used a 60/100 watt regular incandescent bulb in my brooder lamp. This is what my lamp looks like.

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