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Apr 13, 2010

Hi, a dear friend of mine is a branch manager for our public library system, and also runs her own small organic farm. She runs a program at the library for kids(and grown-ups) to learn about raising chickens. She brings in chicks for the kids to play with and brings them home and raises them. She recently wrote an article on the library's blog and asked me to comment on it so I did(it's not up yet, it's pending approval)

So I thought I would ask some of you kind folks to stop by the website and comment on it(it's short, so it'll only take a moment of your time) you have to register to post a comment, but all they need is your name and email so they can send you a password.

My friend and I love to promote raising chickens, and love getting people excited about raising our own food, so it would mean a lot to us to get a few more voices on this article.

so much
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here's what I wrote:

"Raising backyard chickens has been one of the best decisions my family has made! I used to think that only farmers had chickens, but now I can't think of a single down-side to raising our very own backyard flock...besides wanting more chickens!

I live inside Kansas City limits, and we are allowed to raise up to 15 hens. We did a little bit of research on how to build a coop and take care of them, then went to our local farm supply store and bought our 11 adorable baby chicks. By the end of the summer we started getting 8-10 eggs everyday. Our chickens are very healthy happy animals, and with suprisingly little work.

Raising our own chickens has been a fun learning experience for us, and we wish more families would enjoy all the benefits we do. From cuddling fuzzy little cuties, to watching them run and play and graze outside, to sitting down to a plate of fresh, nutrient-rich, truly all-natural eggs, it's a win-win for everyone!"
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