Please tell me it isn't always this hard!


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Apr 27, 2011
We put our chicks outside during the day, in their coop, and bring them in at night.

Today, while getting them out of the coop to bring inside, one got away. My husband and I had to chase her through both our yard and our next-door neighbor's yard. We finally caught her with a butterfly net.

When, and how, are we going to be able to let them roam around the yard if they won't come back????? Will it get better on its own or is there something I should be doing? I haven't let them roam free-range yet but I worry if I do, they will run away.
We received our coop last Friday and I started putting them in it during the day last Saturday. They go in it around 12pm and come in around 6pm. They haven't been let out of the coop yet but when we were bringing them back in, one got away and ran from us.
Well it's really apples and oranges at this point. It'll be far different once they're use to their yard - their territory. Right now the yard is nothing but a scary place to be chased through...
And of course you need to train them to come/follow you. Get yourself a treat jar and start using it. I keep scratch in one of mine, BOSS in the other. Teach them that the shaking of that jar means yummy treats. Or you can teach them "Chicky-chicky!" means treats. Mine come running for either. That's the simplest way to get them to follow you or to come when called...
I use a can for treats and I have a bird that lays over the fence. Keeps the neighbors in eggs.

I shake the can and she had laid an egg running to come home.

Shows where her priorities are.

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