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13 Years
Aug 8, 2007
halifax co. north carolina
IM trying to save my chickens! i need alot of positive comments left on the e-news story(pertaining to how chickens make great pets and the benefits of fresh eggs, i live in the city) so i can have them printed to take with me to the council meeting Tuesday night, all my fellow BYCers have been so very helpful to me, they had left many comments on the last story that was written but the reporter changed his web site and all the comments were lost!i know that people are very busy and i really hate to keep bothering everyone, but please, if you can help me i would be extremely grateful! thank you....penny

you can read about my case in the chicken forum "local chicken laws and ordinances & how to change them"

and if you want to read the e-news story and leave a comment please go to click on "chicken ordinace set for Tuesday work session"
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