Please We Need EVERYONES Help to Vote "Alex"

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    Mar 25, 2011
    S.E. Michigan
    I'm sure many of you saw the Budweiser Ad on the Super Bowl last night and they want everyone to Vote to name the newest Budweiser foal. PLEASE VOTE FOR "ALEX" TO BE THE NEW STARS NAME. Alex was a little boy that lived here in Michigan. He was often seen sitting on my nephews lap at the local tavern and playing the Cool Kid. His dream was to see the Budweiser horses. His dream came true when he got a full tour of the Budweiser breeding farm and he got to ride on the teams wagon for opening day at Bush Stadium thur Make*A*Wish in 2011. He was the first child to ever request to see these horses to Make*A*Wish. He was such a Great kid! He lost his fight with cancer in Febuary of 2012. Please go to Facebook and Twitter to vote and keep Alex's name remembered.

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