pleease HELP! Finally trying to fix my Sportsman..OMG the turner!


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12 Years
Nov 6, 2009
I have no idea what I'm doing.

When I first got it my husband had to bend hardware cloth for shelves. Those worked fine. He did some cleaning and adjustment and we let it run a few days and I started filling it up.

It was running perfect until the day he died and the bator stopped working. I lost over 160 eggs, but had priorities obviously, so the bator sat.

Added a new wafer, but still wasn't heating, so I bought the heating element and it's been sitting on my desk for months.

So it's late, I can't sleep and I have more eggs coming Tuesday and there's not room in any of the bators. I've stacked to where I can't stack anymore. It's a must fix, so I figured, SIMPLE!

What the heck are all these wires??????????????????

OK I guess my real question is. I have the ends that have the wires attached. One is blue, one is black. But the old heating element has two red wires. I have no idea which wire sgould go where. Thought it would be easy, but I have no idea now if I need to send a certain color to each group of wires.

That thing is sooo dusty for sitting since July. I can't even wipe the dust out with a cloth.

I'm electrically ignorant I guess. I can build a bator from a cooler, but I can't figure out what I'm doing.

OH and the little piece that goes in the turner, so that the shelves don't fall to the side??? Yeah that fell out and I don't know where it goes.

Is there someone with more than my half a brain out there that can help?
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Well I think I need to build a new cabinet bator some time. I still have the new heating element. One lose wire and I just wasn't getting the thermostat set right. Somehow I thought it needed to be closer to the box. It was brand new, but then again, I had just lost my husband and heck I'm still not all here yet. But this is a big move for me right now. Kind of proud of myself for even opening the back up again.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holding at 100 and I have eggs going in in a bit. I'm close to 100 and the egg song has been playing since noon, so setting everything I'm not shipping out.

I'm making a wire holder first though, so I can move my goose eggs. Think I'll start collecting more things to hatch now.....mmuuuuuhhhhaaaa

Now to start collecting supplies to make another one. Something nice that looks like furniture. LOL

And then.................YES I'll be needing help again. Still don't know which end of this to connect to what.
I recently invested in a digital thermostat for my sportsman and took out the wafer. The digital holds the temperature more steady then the wafer did.
It's new, but maybe I'll look into that just in case.

It was just my daughter and I tried to fix it the day after my husband died and hard to see what your doing when you're crying or think about anything when your mind is spinning.

Took a long time to set my mind to getting it done, so I'm making progess

I even made a holder for my large eggs. Have goose eggs right now, but I could put Emu eggs in there. Man I really want to hatch Emu.

I have to stay away from them auctions.
I heard a noise and thought it sounded familiar.

Ran to the bator and watched 4 eggs fall from the top rack to the bottom and smash.

OK this bator is old. It has a tiny screw in piece that holds the turner arm.

It came out once and my husband tightened it up and I made sure I had the arm in place and tightened it up again when I had it all open to work on it.

It's not holding! What the heck do I do? I have 130.............ummmmm 126 eggs in there. I can't hand turn all those eggs.

Luckily 3 of the 4 that broke were from my birds and I can collect more, but I have a lot of eggs to save.

What can I do to keep this from happening? I need an easy fix.

It just figures it was going to be something else that didn't work.

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