Plexiglass for nesting box lid?

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  1. katieswafford

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    Sep 4, 2014
    I have a painted plywood nesting box lid right now and it's really heavy and starting to warp from moisture getting in. I'm looking for something lighter and waterproof. Has anyone tried using plexiglass? I'm new to raising chickens so I don't know much about their nesting habits. Would it keep them from laying if they felt like they weren't covered?
  2. The Huffs Chics

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    Jul 29, 2014
    Not sure if it would affect their laying, but they do like to feel protected while doing so so it may have an affect. You could always cover the inside of plexi glass with that sticky shelf liner and it would block out the light and remain waterproof.
  3. biteme2134

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    Jul 21, 2013
    My Coop
    I like like idea! I have wood too with a metal top and it is showing signs of water damage under the edge where the water runs off. It's going through its second year now. I have left mine open to dry the underside on days when it got overly wet and needed some air drying. When doing that I covered two of the nesting boxes with a board and left two in the sun. When I came to check later I found a 3 hens in two boxes! The sun soaked boxes were empty. So from that experience at least with my ladies I think they like the dark concealed areas. So I might steel your plexiglass idea but I would hit it with some paint or something to stop the light shining through.
  4. sunflour

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    Jan 10, 2013
    My coop was built spring 2013 and the external nest box lid edges started separating from rain within the first few weeks after building. We cut a larger piece of siding board to allow overhang on the exposed 2 sides of the lid, painted it with a water repellant stain and glued onto original lid with liquid nails. It has held up quite well. And I brushed liquid nails along edges of the original plywood lid edges to prevent further issues.

    Could you consider just attaching a water repellant cover to the one you have. If not, I think you need to add something to keep inside nests dark.

    You may be more experienced with plexiglass than me and DH were. We bought large sheets of it last winter and attached to the windy side of our coop/run. It was difficult to cut, splits easily. Drilled holes for screws,and many of those split as well. If you decide to use plexiglass, try to find it in the size you want. Probably should frame it so you won't get leaks at hinges?

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