PLS need HELP, I'm ill, on my way to hospital Can it be chickens?????

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    Dec 24, 2010
    I have been real ill with an awful throbbing head ache, real tired, low fever (highest was 100.2)
    Have any of you experienced this and found it due to being around hatching eggs?
    Opening up quiters? Opening up dead in shell that were fully developed?
    Opening up eggs that never developed but slipped by my 7 day candling skills so they
    festered until day 15?
    I have been ill,going on a week, in ER Friday and just got called an hour ago requesting
    I come into the ER, the test they ran Fri was reran with different results.
    (Spinal tap results?) Ok am leaving now, can anyone who notices this please BUMP it once an hour
    so if the doctor wants to look in and see if anyone had something close related to hatching eggs or raising baby chicks
    I'd sure appreciate it. If some virus? Some bacteria? Chicken related?
    Thank you, will post when I get back but may not be tonight, it's almost 5 pm and I just got called in.
    Prayer most appreciated!
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    Aug 14, 2011
    United States
    Can anyone answer this person's question?

  3. cashdl

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I get a head ache, sore throat, and tired feeling when I am around confined chickens with bedding. For instance when I am taking some to the poultry show and they are traveling in my car. Or while I am at the poultry show.

    I believe it is the bedding that I am reacting to. I don't have this problem at home around my pens but they are all large or open air. I don't feel this way when I hold the birds either.

  4. nickie

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    Jun 25, 2011
    north central KY
    Aren't lumbar punctures done to test for meningitis?

    I know there are a lot of medical professionals of sorts around here, hopefully one if them will come along and maybe toss an idea or two out for the op.
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    May 1, 2011
    I have never heard of anything like this being connected to owning/working with chickens. Yes, they usually do lumbar punctures for meningitis and sometimes for lyme disease (advanced). I would really doubt that this has anything to do with the chickens.
  6. Chicks on DL

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    Feb 1, 2012
    West Coast, Florida.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and I will pray for you. Sometimes you almost want them to find something so they can treat you and then you can know you are on the mend. We always wash our hands before touching the chicks and after. We even make guests do the same. We tell everyone that we don't want the humans making the chicks sick and we don't want the chicks making the humans sick; that we have to treat them like newborn babies. Everyone usually complies and no one has gotten sick. My daughter got sores on the edge of her mouth once and we discovered that she had been wiping her mouth after touching the chicks. Nothing a little Neosporin couldn't take care of.

    Anyway, the not knowing makes your imagination run wild. Please let us know how you are doing. [​IMG]
  7. Aeropennchick

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Southern PA
    I am a critical care nurse in a farming community and have never heard of anything serious being connected with chickens...respiratory illness exacerbations from bird dander, sure, but that's about it.

    Advanced lyme disease would be a possibility with those symptoms, along with joint aches, but when it's that advanced the antibodies should show up in a qualitative blood test.

    Meningitis is accompanied by nuchal rigidity (stiff neck) and photophobia (sensitivity to light).

    The symptoms sound similar to mono, but that is also diagnosed by blood samples.

    One of the girls I work with developed a problem where her cerebrospinal fluid wasn't draining properly, and she had the symptoms listed above as well as dizziness with sudden position changes - she had a drain inserted and is now fine.

    A spinal tap tells you the amount of each type of blood cell in the sample, whether there is infection, AND ALSO that amount of pressure in the system - that is how my friend's disorder was discovered, due to the pressure in her system when they did a spinal tap.
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    Send prayers and thoughts your way......

    Bump to top...

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    Oct 18, 2011
    Attica, Mi
    I have a friend get hepatitis from an eating egg.
  10. minpinmama

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    Dec 24, 2010
    I'm back home.
    First of all THANK YOU so very much for your responses ,prayers. My DIL read them to be over the phone.

    Nickie, yes spinal taps are done for meningitis but after a spinal tap in the ER Friday it was ruled out.

    Aeropennchick I have to say thank you, I must admit hearing my DIL read your post really gave me some relief and comfort as
    tonights tests and CT results had not come in yet. (when she read your response to me.) Thank you so very much for responding.[​IMG]
    We're retired military and many corpsman and lab techs are young folks. They called me in because the test done Friday night, well a supervisor
    goes over week-end work on Monday and they spotted an error. Thank goodness they caught it. I think I kind of worried a little for a few reasons
    1) They ask if you had a change in diet, traveled, exposed to someone ill, any changes? The only change in my life recently was incubating and
    breaking open unhatched eggs. 2) The 5 days of awful head aches freaked me out and 3) A while back a couple of aquaintences in Eastern Wa
    fell BADLY ill over a goat thing Q Fever and they didn't catch it from their goats!!! They just went and visited someone who just bought goats
    from out of state I believe.

    Now back in July, I had a sore throat one day and seen the doctor, was sent home with antibiotics and by 1 am I was in the ER, by 7 am a CT
    showed Epiglottis due to Hib (something kids get vaccinated for now a days) and by 7:30 I was in OR getting intubated
    (which I was told later they barely made it, they almost had to cut my throat and get to my airway that way, I was in ICU for 3 days and in the
    hospital 5 days total. It is quite rare adults contract hib. (not to be confused with hiv)
    So hib in July, Meningitis this month, I wish I was as lucky
    at the lottery.

    So between the Q fever thing with my aquaitences and Fri having meningitis ruled out [​IMG] and the only thing new in my life being incubating
    and breaking open the unhatched eggs I felt the need to seek advice on here. And you all are so wonderful and I thank you all so very much.
    Its confirmed, I have meningitis, and the near constant head aches and throbbing are awful let me tell you. But I'll live another day to play with
    my chicks. I can't thank all who posted enough, may God reward you all for your responses, prayers and compassion.

    On a joke lighter note, between hib/epiglottis, slicing my hand with a rotary cutter and a few other things,
    geeesh is turning 50 always such a dramatic year[​IMG]
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