Plucked feathers or Disease?! Please Help!

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Oct 24, 2012
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So this morning, I went outside to play with my chickens. I picked up my chicken 'Zelda' (she's a blue araucana) and ruffled her neck. Only I noticed that she doesn't have any neck feathers. Her neck feathers are all gone. Has another chicken plucked them out or is this a stress thing or disease? I have 3 other chickens, one named Plucky for a reason.:D Can someone please help me and tell me whats wrong with my chicken! Thanks! :)
It's pretty common for the bearded breeds to be "over-groomed" by their buddies when they are hanging out or on the roost. I have some ameraucana, EE, and salmon faverolles who sometimes are missing a few neck feathers. I have actually watched them sit there while their friends pluck them. Make sure they are getting at least 16-20% protein in their feed in case they are looking for that, and make sure they have plenty of room, and get outside to free range if possible.
Thankyou so much for you quick reply! That is very helpful! I noticed my other chicken has missing feathers too but I guess its because they're the ones on the bottom of the pecking order. They free range alot and I guess I gotta give them more pellets. Thanks for your help! :)
Hey guys thanks for your advice earlier on the plucked feathers. I managed to get Organic grain with pellets so that should keep their protein under control. But unfortunately, another problem has sprung. My other chicken Pearly (black araucana) isn't eating. My mother noticed that she seems to like, i don't know, cough? It's hard to describe but she's would sometimes make this, horn noise? This deep, coughy horn sound. She would do it sometimes after clucking, like a cluck cluck cluck cluck- brrreegh! It seemed like a normal thing at first but my mum says she's worried. Oh, and I should mention she is a scaredy cat chicken and is at the bottom of the pecking order if that changes her 'anorexic' behavior. She is very skinny...

Thank you so much for your quick reply!

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