Plucking feathers out because stress?


Jun 20, 2020
Ouch xx little pecker all good advice given already so il jus say hello and welcome to BYC 💖 :frow


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Jul 1, 2020
This is my first time ever posting on forum and this is my first time raising chickens. I have so many questions about raising them. I would like to ask for help for my chicken pecking issue.
We have 3 chickens and they are about 24 weeks old now. One is Speckled Sussex and two are Golden Laced Wyandotte. The Speckled Sussex is the smallest but started laying eggs about 10 days ago. I think Golden Laced Wyandotte have not started laying eggs yet because we only one egg every other day. Our Specked Sussex is the smallest but she became bully now and started plucking other two feathers out from their heads and chest. We put Rooster Booster Pick No More lotions on the bare skin spots and seem work fine. She stopped pecking on these areas, but find different areas to peck on. We have 4 feet by 10 feet run including 4 feet by 4 feet sand box. We also add a 25-lb poultry block for them to peck on and a wood swing. First I thought they are too bored inside the run, but after adding block and swing, she still pecked on other two. We are consider to let them free range in the yard instead of keeping inside the run. Our yard is decent size and have grass, fruit trees, vegetable garden. But I am afraid to clip their wings so I still keep them inside the run for now. Our fence are about 4 to 6 feet high. I would like to know how do I stop her pecking others and should I just let them out in the yard during day time and is clipping wings are necessary? Thank you for any advise and suggestion.

If they are in very tiny space, then they will start to do that cause they are bored and have nothing to do. Try putting something in the coop to entertain her, it will stop her from pecking the others.
I had some hens doing that and I added a swing and I hung a head of lettuce in there coop and they stopped pecking each other.


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May 6, 2020
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WE are EGG- cited you joined us.
Congrats on your new flock and I see you're already getting good advice from two of the many BYC forum "Experts"on here!!
Words of Advice: Follow aart and LaFleche they are a plethora of knowledge.
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Sep 22, 2012
Sorry one more question.. Will this butter work:
Also how do give it my chicken? small cube or mix in the feed? Thanks.
Yes, that will do. Try the amount of a teaspoon every other day for the bully, at first mixed with her feed and after 3 days on a separate dish so she can avoid it if she has had enough.

Back then at first, my chicken went half crazy for the real butter, but after a few days they hardly picked on it as their former deficiency had been sated.


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Oct 14, 2020
We finally finished the new extended chicken run! It will provide about additional 80 square feet space. We also add some All Flock Feed to the existing feed. (They seem like the new feeds too.) We let the bully one reunited with other two hens this today. We are planning to add some more "toys" in there such as triangle steps made by two pallets, chicken swing and one small chair in there. Any suggestion/ idea for making more fun for them, we are really appreciated. :) We were so excited to see them finding new run and explores carefully. My chicken are just too cute!


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