Plucky's Brood

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7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada
Not sure where to start, but let's just say- girl wants chickens, girl builds coop, girl gets chickens... and it all started at the salebarn.

One day a little chicken named Plucky,(who was named AFTER her encounter with my father's dog)decided she no longer whanted to roost with the other family members and instead out in my heavily wooded backyard. She would come home daily at 11 o'clock for feed and be gone. We found nine eggs on the floor of a cold shed days later- She flew that coop since, and today has shown up with a brood of eight.

What do I do? She seems maternal enough, but I worry about the babies and wonder if there is anything I should do. I assume that nature brought her this far, it seems logical to allow nature to continue its beautiful art of birdie procreation. What about winter, though, when I have all these wee banty chickens who wont roost with the others?

When Plucky came to visit for lunch, all the other birds would chase her even though they all came together, and at one time, all perched together. I recently had an older girl, Peaches, go broody, but she stayed in the house and nested, and now runs with the rest. I'm puzzled...

New to all of this and I'm wondering if folks build little woodland hutches for birds that have pseudo-strayed, or if anyone has had a stray stick around or what?


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