Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons for Beginner??

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by FyreFly, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. FyreFly

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    Jul 2, 2011
    So I am trying to figure out what the right chicken breeds to start with would be. We live in town on about a quarter acre and have a 6 foot privacy fence. We are hoping to keep hens for eggs and pets, and are thinking of getting 4 of them to start with. I am drawn to the Plymouth Rocks and Orps (standard size). Are these birds good breeds to keep together? What about 2 hens of each breed ordered and started together?

  2. gavinandallison

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Matthews, NC.
    Quote:Hi Fyrefly, I would suggest having both types to go with the Buff Orpingtons. Do not get a roo if you can help it. Please post where you live etc on your profile, you will get so much more assistance from locals to you.....

  3. GardeNerd

    GardeNerd Songster

    I am a city dweller too, and have kept both breeds together with Leghorn, Australorp, and Easter Egger, in the past. Barred Rocks are my favorite Large breed due to beauty, personality, and great laying abilities. If I decided to keep large fowl again, both BR and Buff Orpington would be in my flock again. I would recommend both and two of each should be fine for small flock.
  4. FyreFly

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    Jul 2, 2011
    Yeah, no roosters--lol. It's not actually prohibited in town but I do want to be a good neighbor and don't want to make waves. Do hens tend to hang out more with birds of their own breed, or do they intermingle pretty well?
  5. wayneh

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    Jan 25, 2011
    N. E. Alabama
    Quote:We have 2 RIR's, 2 White Leghorns, and 1 Buff Orpington. Blondie, the Buff is the sweetest chick we have. The reds are friendly, but the buff is the best. She hangs out with the reds the most. I think that is due mostly to the age difference, the reds and the buff are 4 weeks older than the leghorns. they all do tend to hang out with friends of the same feather. Since Blondie doesn't have any more buffs to hang out with, she stays with the reds. It ain't going to be long before she has some friends of her own. Buffs are so likelable, we are going to get more of them.
  6. Inkheart

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    Aug 15, 2010
    Columbus Ohio
    I have to say that my only experience is with bantam rocks _BUT they are calm - sweet - eat out of my hand - quiet - and often i will get one egg from each - each day not always . But the point is they are great layers. I cant say enough good things about them
  7. speckledhen

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    I can't think of two better breeds for a beginner. Barred Rocks are my favorite and Buff Orpingtons are wonderful as well. I also have blue/black/splash Orps and have for years, though their personalities tend to be different than the Buffs, in my experience.

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