poison ivy


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Sep 24, 2010
Mora MN.
I just found poison ivy growing in my yard how can I get red of it? It needs to go before my grand children get into it. any ideas would be great help.
They make specific poison ivy spray. I just take a pair of good leather gloves, pull it all up and throw it in the woods...
I just grab it with my bare hands and dispose of it. It only barely affects me. Although I did tangle with a vine about 2" in diameter earlier this year that gave me a lashing and a half. I still won that battle.
-- Another from Spook's True Stories --

Some years ago, I knew a man who's yard was troubled
by groundhogs. Holes everywhere.

Tried to shoot the groundhog...groundhog was faster than
he was.

In desperation, the home-owner got several five gallon jugs
of gasoline, pouring it liberally down each hole.

Throw buring paper in last hole.

He won't do that no more.

Blowed his entire front yard up. Caught his house on fire.

Dumb as that sounds, I swear it really happend.
I'm so allergic to the stuff, I break out just looking at it! And of course, hubby is totally immune. He pulls it up and weedeats it with impunity, then I wind up with a rash when I do laundry. I finally learned to wash his clothes separately, and to wear rubber gloves when handling his clothes.

Poison Ivy isn't hard to kill. I pull it up (gloved, of course) or spray it. Any product with glyphosate or triclopyr should be effective, though you may need to retreat (and be careful not to get the spray on desirable plants, or they may be killed as well).

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