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11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
I have 147 Pokemon Cards I got for cristmas about 10 years ago. Christmas morning I took them out of the package and put them in little card savers in a binder. These things are newer than new. The only time they have been touched was mentioned.
Of course I have no reason for them now. Last christams I was going to give them to my cousin who had an interest at the time but couldnt find them. Well Ive just found them and wondered if I couldnt sell them on craigslist for some parent to buy for their kid.
What would be a fair asking price?
I usually get $4 for 50 random cards- gently used. New packs in the store run $4-15, $15 for the ones in the tin box. you get more if you sell rare cards as individuals. for now Im holding onto mine, market is not good for non escentuals
Im looking on this website and according to them I have
(from deck 102 if not listed jungle or fossil)

Charmeleon (x3)
Fearow (x2 jungle)
Sandslash (fossil)
Parasect (jungle)
Persian (x4 jungle)
Primape (jugle)
Growlith (x2)
Poliwhirl (x2)
Kadabra (x2)
Weppinbell (jungle)
Tentacruel (fossil)
Rapidash (jungle)
Lickitung (jungle)
Rhydon (jungle)
Seaking (x2 jungle)
Magmar (x2)
Dratini (x2)
Tauros (x2 jungle)

Pidgeot (jungle collection)
Blastoise (foil)
Raichu (foil jungle)
Clefable (jungle)
Machamp (foil edition 1)
Mr. Mime (jungle)
Scyther (foil jungle)
Vaporeon (foil jungle)

and then I have a Promo Mew labled 8

Does this mean anything to anyone?
When will market be back up? 100 years from now? lol
when people are back to work and comfortable with their incomes. I have put mine away for now, in time, they will be worth more money as long as they are in very good condition. you could try a comic shop, sometimes they will buy them or put them on consignment.
you can also contact the online shops about buying your collection.
No that's not a lot. That may be about the going price right now though. They are wayyyyyy down. But, I'd buy those for $20, so you should be able to get it. My kids collected for years. Jungle was some of my DD's favorite
I might be interested in them for $20.
I purchased a few (can't remember the quanity) a few months back from someone that was selling them for my son.....
the price you are asking was just about what I paid for the others. I don't think there were 150 so the prices was a little less....
I have no idea if these things will actually ever be a collectors item or anything of value later in life. I don't even understand them. lol my son just likes to play with them.
While I am no where near an expert, Mew is a legendary, so you could sell it at a somewhat higher price than the others.

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