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Jun 7, 2020
Hi, I free range my chickens and live in the literal forest. As you probably know, wild animals (or neighbors' dogs) love dinning on the delicacy that is our chickens. The chickens sleep in a coop at night but predators around here aren't shy and attack at any time.
I've noticed my polish cockerel is having a hard time seeing me when I approach and I would hate to loose him. Is there a way to keep the head floof out of his eyes without cutting it? I've already tried hair ties and he would just scratch it off. I will give him a trim if that's the only thing I can do but I wanted to hear your opinions first.
You’ll have to trim, sorry. Polish absolutely hate hair ties and there’s nothing that will keep their feathers up. After you’ve trimmed though the feathers will grow back so make sure to trim every few months. In my experience after trimming my polish in the same area her feathers above her eyes didn’t grow back at full size so she could still see. That might happen with your rooster.
I've seen pics of people using hair ties to hold the feathers up and out of the bird's face, but I would think trimming is the best option. That's my plan if my polish can't see due to feathers.

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