Polish Crested- Pullets or Roosters? about 7 weeks old


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May 7, 2009
These Polish chicks are about 7 weeks old. I got them out of the bantam bin at Orschelyn's (sp?) Any ideas on their gender yet? Thank you for your help!!!
Really hoping at least one is a pullet because I already have 2 other big polish roosters!
chick #1


Chick #2
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Chick #1 I would say pullet

Chick #2...ehhh........could go either way!

ETA: I'm going roo on #2. I think, anyway LOL
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Ok, I can live with that. That would mean I have 3 polish roosters and one hen......kinda backwards of the way I would want it, but better than them all being roos!
It's pretty hard to tell. For some reason, I always have a tuffer time with WCBs.
The crests look very similar. For your sake, because I'm probably wrong, I'll keep my mouth shut. I'm in the same boat with you (on my Polish). Waiting is truely the hardest part.
well, hmm. my polish looks like a hen, and she is 7 weeks. your two don't really look like her, so i'm gonna guess roos, but I could be wrong, so don't count you roos before they crow
These look like they could be the twin siblings of our 5-week old Polish. So how DO you tell cockerel from pullet for those that seem to be so sure of their gender ID on these chicks? What should we be looking for? Our other chicks were sold to us as pullets so we are assuming they are hens but the Polish was a straight run so we just don't know.

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