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Jun 29, 2012
I searched high and low and couldn't find an active thread here on the subject of Polish Crested chickens, so I decided to start one up! I'm interested in sharing stories and pictures with other Polish owners, especially those that have had their birds longer than I have.

My family and I recently discovered Polish Crested just this year, and we're absolutely hooked! While from a production viewpoint, Polish are less than ideal (They develop slowly, lay eggs later, and never get very big for meat), their personalities, appearance, and devotion are incomparable. If I were to have chickens just as pets, I would be delighted to own a flock that consisted of just Polish Crested.

They certainly aren't the brightest birds I've ever owned--even accounting for their vision issues, they seem to be slow on the uptake, and often miss out on treats because their smarter flockmates figure things out before they do. Their personalities range from outgoing to reserved, but they all seem to develop very close bonds with their chosen BFF's and are very mild tempered. Chicky Gaga took to me, Aretha Chicken took to my husband, and Buck Buck Bjork bonded with her fellow gold-laced PC, Tina Egg Turner. Bubbles prefers my mom's company, but since my mother rarely ventures out to the run, she will often make do with another chicken, running up to me for snuggles and pets if I come by. Elvis Poultry, being the player that he is, is less picky, and keeps company with just about anychicken who will put up with him.

My girls aren't laying yet, but it should be soon now--Elvis has already started acting like a typical big-boy rooster, and in my experience, the girls aren't far behind their male counterparts once they reach maturity.

Here's some pics of my Polish, along with a short bio.

Chicky Gaga

When we purchased our six Polish chicks on a whim, my mother said as we were walking to the car, "We HAVE to name one of them Gaga." It wasn't long at all before we determined that the name Chicky Gaga would go to a tiny, fearless blond peep, who was so outgoing and friendly that she would literally run into your hands when you reached for her. Chicky Gaga never lost her fearless attitude, and to this day remains brazenly undaunted by people, cats, or unfamiliar surroundings. Of course, this means I have to keep a close eye on her, to make sure she doesn't stand up to critters that wish her genuine ill, but her easy-going attitude means she'll make a wonderful pet for outings and educational efforts.

Chicky Gaga is the only chicken in our flock of more than 20 who comes when she's called by name, and she follows me around the yards as faithfully as any dog, even though I rarely have treats for her.

Variety: Buff Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: One dark gray feather in the back of her crest
Personality: Fearless, friendly
Favorite Snack: Black crickets


Nearly identical to Chicky Gaga in appearance, Bubbles was originally part of a trio of chicks named Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. Buttercup turned out to be a boy, Blossom was renamed to Tina Eggturner, but Bubbles remained... Bubbles. While Chicky Gaga was outgoing and fearless, Bubbles was timid and shy, avoiding being handled until one fateful day when she and my mother had a cuddling session in the springtime sun. Ever since, Bubbles has been quietly affectionate, sidling up beside those who enter her run in the hopes of being pet an cuddled. Unlike many of the other chickens who shy away from contact, Bubbles loves nothing more than a nice massage and hug.

Variety: Buff Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Missing the tip of one toe since birth.
Personality: Quietly affectionate, good natured
Favorite Snack: Tomatoes

Aretha Chicken

Aretha Chicken started showing her true attitude at just two weeks of age. Already sassy and full of spirit, she would make sure her flockmates respected her authority and each other, intervening whenever things got too rambunctious in the brooder. When the protective plastic came off the brooder door and the chicks saw real sunshine for the first time, Aretha would squeeze up against the edge of the brooder to bask in its warm glow, and when the chicks were old enough to go outside, she was the first to take to the outdoors and the last to go back inside at night.

Aretha took an instant liking to my husband, even though she was handled the most by my mom and me. Even now, if she hears my husband's voice, she comes running full-charge, with her head heald low to the ground and her little legs pumping. She has a habit of inspecting everyone and everything that enters her domain, including cats, shoes, new objects in the run, and food, and has earned the nickname "Inspector Chicken" as a result. She is, by far, the most serious chicken I have ever met.

Variety: Silver Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Striking black and white feathers
Personality: Very serious, investigative
Favorite Snack: Anything that passes inspection

Elvis Poultry

Elvis Poultry was a "Surprise Rooster". Originally believed to be a pullet, we named him "Buttercup", promptly changing his name to Elvis when we realized he was sprouting a rooster's 'do. His comical crow and smaller stature aside, Elvis is a rooster full of personality, not shy at all with the ladies or even the other roo's. He even challenged me a few times, but that was dealt with in the usual way--with bribery. A few snuggles and treats later, and he's back to being my best pal.

Ironically, it was originally Aretha that we feared would turn out to be a rooster, because she was developing so much quicker than Elvis was. A surprise in more ways than one, Elvis turned out to be the rooster in the flock, but as long as he stays as charming as he is now, he is in no danger of being rehomed or sent to freezer camp.

Variety: Silver Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Handsome 80's band hair style
Personality: Spirited and energetic. Likes to act tough, but really isn't.
Favorite Snack: Baked Lays Potato Chips

Buck Buck Bjork

Buck Buck Bjork never really took to human handling, but is content to follow me around the run and accept treats from my hand, though she does so with caution. She is quiet and reserved around the other chickens as a rule, but can be prone to bursts of energy and confidence when she gets her crest trimmed and can see what's going on around her. Her best friend was Tina Eggturner, who sadly fell victim to an opossum in October 2012. Since then, she has mostly kept to herself, though Bubbles has been keeping her company and she will follow me around the run when I'm there. Ever a homebody, she rarely ventures beyond the run, and tends to prefer to hang out on top of her "fort" while the other chickens free range.

Variety: Gold Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black and gold feathers with distinct white feathers in the back of her crest
Personality: Quiet and reserved, a homebody.
Favorite Snack: Pretty much anything--she isn't picky

Tina Egg Turner (In Memory)

Pretty much identical to her flockmate Bjork in appearance and personality, Tina Eggturner was inseparable from her twin and could always be found nearby. Shy and reluctant to be held, she never really took to human contact, though she was known to hop into my dad's lap now and then when she was a chick. Originally named Blossom, she was renamed by a friend of mine who insisted, "she's not Blossom--she's Tina", a name which suited her quite well since she seemed to love to stand in the middle of the run and sing at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason at all.

Ironically, Tina Eggturner never had the opportunity to lay her first egg. She chose to sleep outside one fateful night when an opossum came to call, and that was the unfortunate end of our friend. We will miss her company and her song.

Variety: Gold Laced Polish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black and gold feathers with more brown than her friend Bjork
Personality: Shy and retiring, a homebody.
Favorite Snack: Pretty much anything
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