Polish getting picked on...


10 Years
Dec 8, 2010
Martha's Vineyard MA
Is there anyway to prevent this? I have 30 birds, one of them being a polish roo. He gets picked on like no tomorrow. He actually resorted to burying his head under the feeder until I seperated him last night. Can i just trim his fluff so he looks normal? Is there anything I have to know when trimming chicken fluff? Thanks in advance for your help.
Polish tend to be lower on the pecking order, unfortunately.

I had two Polish roos and one picked on the other mercilessly.

The poor frightened Polish would hide inside the nestboxes.

If I were outside, I would help "rescue" the frightened one when he would run behind my legs.

The only thing you can do is separate him and get him some Polish (or non-Polish) hens to hang out with.


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