polish help... roo or hen? and roo behavior Q


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May 21, 2009
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I posted a week or so ago here are some updated pics. They are bantams. Also, am I right that they are white crested silver polish?

This is Pippin


this is Mery


What do you guys think? I am hoping for at least one being a hen, I am getting to many roosters!
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I have two that look just like this. I thought mine were white crested black polish. My silvers are gray, one has a gray head the other has a black one. I dunno..I am new to this stuff. I would like to know also...roo or hen?
Thanks everyone! That makes sense actually, I don't know much about roo behavior but I have three banty's in the brooder and one is a cochin roo (I know for sure from his comb and wattle) . But at night when it's time for bed the will continue pushing each other out of the way to be next to Mery. It goes on for like 30 min. or longer. At this age (4 wks I think) could they already have that figured out? Also Pippin keeps getting at least on feather pecked off the top of his head. I am guessing Sox (cochin roo) is doing this?

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