Polish hens have mite infestation in crest. Help

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    I have 2 white Polish hens, maybe 3yr old. We've been having problems with mites. When I checked them, I found infestation in both crests and the vent area in one. The also have scaly leg mites. We've been fighting those for a year. Thought I had gotten rid of them with Ivermec but they're back.

    I have Ivermec pour on for cattle, Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo, regular shampoo and dish soap (Ajax, not Dawn), malathion liquid, DE and pyrethrin (sp?) powder on hand .

    I have one rooster in the house. I just bathed him with dish soap, rinsed thoroughly and dried thoroughly. I got the main infestation off but still need to treat him and clean his room again.

    I have about 45 chickens, 1 white broad breasted turkey (2 yr old). They are housed together in two coops

    Front coop - 1 full size roo and 13 standard hens, mostly Isa Brown, 2 barred rock, a couple misc. They are about 4yr old

    Back coop - 1 full size roo (sibling of front roo), 1 Isa Brown who defected, 1 really old cochin hen, 1 WB turkey, ~ 25 misc. bantam hens and roos ages ~7yrs down to six surprise chicks from Spring '09.

    Duck coop - 6 ducks (blanking on breed) 3-4 yr, 2 Chinese geese (gender unknown) hatched this spring (mom gave up on them so people incubated and hand raised. They are hilarious!!) We are over-wintering 2 Pekin drakes and 2 mallard drakes. I checked one of the geese yesterday but didn't see anything. Their feathers are so compact it was hard to find skin.

    I want to merge all the chickens into the back coop. It is an old hunting cabin with insulated and paneled walls. It had been divided into two "rooms" and a "front" room but we ended up taking the chicken wire off the top and front of the two rooms and opened it into one room. The front coop is basically a shed. Since we have a low number in the front, it makes sense to put them in the back coop for warmth and convenience. We will enclose one of the "rooms" with paneling 4ft high and chicken wire the other 4ft. Top will be covered with a couple sheets of paneling or we'll put chicken wire all the way to the ceiling.

    How do I treat the chickens with having so many? I can wash one's with severe infestations. With what should I wash them? Should I treat everyone else with Ivermectin cattle pour on? A mixture of sand, DE and wood ashes were mentioned as keeping pests off the chickens. I can put a kiddie pool in so they can dust.

    How do I clean the coop? My thought was to clean out old straw, vacuum with utility vac that has a bag and good filter at least at air output. Then spray everything with malathion using a hand sprayer. Let that dry the sprinkle the floor with DE. Seal paneling seams and along floor with clear sealant of some kind. Does this sound reasonable? I'd have to make some type of temporary pen outside, probably up against a wooden privacy fence and line with straw.

    Would I have to re-treat everyone and the coop?

    Any suggestions welcome. It's cold here. 2 degrees F this morning. The faster it can be done, the better for me and the chickens.



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    For the scaly leg mite two to four applications of vegetable or mineral oil. Lice or mites you can use seven or the ivomec and then retreat in 10 days or so. If you are having repeat problems then I would think a good coop cleaning will need to be done. Mine was a light infestation so I was able to treat them and just sprinkle some seven around in the coop and nesting boxes. There are lots of ways people on here deal with them so you can do a search and I just pick a method that made sense to me and was something I could do in my situation. Just don't expect DE to kill any of them. It may help prevent bugs but once they are there you need something definitive to kill them.

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