Polish/NN cross gender

Oncoming Storm

Jun 3, 2019
So, I’m gonna be really sad. I have a feeling that Sundae is a cockerel and I just got down to four roosters. I really REALLY don’t want another rooster but Sundae is really sweet and friendly so either way, they’re staying. Sundae hatched July 31 so they’re a little over four months old. (Im going to be honest I didn’t realize they were that old).

(Apologies for poor quality. I just got home and the sun was setting and if I didn’t take pics now I would forget like I have for the past two weeks.)
Looks like a girl to me. It's really interesting how the V comb and Single comb combined on her!
Ikr! I’m hoping that they inherited the polish thing where their combs and waddles pop up like BAM. There are a few hennish things that I’ve noticed like how the neck isn’t really red like how my NN boys have been but I don’t want to get my hopes up for having a hen and then have another rooster ya know?

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