Polish pullet pecked on head until bleeding


Mar 22, 2022
Any tips on what to do to help her? I think with all the rain we've had lately they are picking on sweet vinetta. I know with it being red they will keep picking. Any household remedies until I can get to a farm store?
When my polish hens were pecked and lost feathers on their heads, I would spray it with BluKote if I caught it early. This happened at least once or twice a year. But if there is blood and all head feathers are gone, it would be best to place her in a wire dog crate with food and water. Cover the top so no one gets on top and poops. Some people report that BluKote may attract more pecking, but I would watch to see how they react. I had good luck with it.
Yeah she's starting to bleed and she has about a quarter size bald spot.

I need to get rid of six and they've been spending time in coop by choice because it's raining. She's so sweet I don't want to see her hurt
Raining you can barely see the spot so I'm going to work this week on getting rid of six of them for sale possibly one rooster to eat which gets my numbers down to where there's more space for when they're crowded like this I didn't intend to keep 18 to keep 12 so I think that'll help the issue as well

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