Polish with non-crested breeds?


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Hi all:

I keep reading that you shouldn't keep Polish chickens in the same coop/run as non-crested breeds since the non-crested chickens will pick the crests off of the Polish. Does anyone on here keep Polish as part of a mixed flock and, if so, have you ever run into any problems?

I might want to include a couple of Polish hens in my small backyard flock but I need to make sure they can handle life in a mixed coop. The other breeds would be Salmon Faverolles, Speckled Sussex and possibly true Ameraucana.

Thanks for any help or advice,
I have two crested Polish in a mixed flock of 17, which includes a RIR cross rooster and a Silkie rooster. I haven't had any problems with their poofs being picked.

Hummm, The cresteds i had in the past i never noticed anything. But i bought breeds that will mature to the same size so there isn't any problems...hopfully
I have a WCBP rooster that I rec'd as a "free exotic" with my order of chicks, and it has been a real problem! My hens never pick at one another, but they always pick at his crest feathers and I've tried everything - Rooster Booster, Vicks (don't!), pine tar, Blue Coat - nothing has worked. Right now he's a sad looking, nearly bald-headed mess (though I have to say he doesn't seem to mind that much, otherwise gets along with all the girls, gives them plenty of lovin', etc). My chickens have lots of room, free range, good diet, etc. It's just him, and I've about given up. It's been very difficult to see, and frustrating to try to deal with. I would not try it again, though I see these other folks haven't had trouble, so... ?
I have 3 polish hens (about 1 year old) that live free-range with my other bantams. I've never, ever had a problem with picking. Maybe it's because they've never been kept in a coop or run? My 3 "Fros"
do very well and are at the top of the pecking order with the other hens.

Even with their big ol crests they still manage to fly up to the tops of the cedar trees to roost at night!
I have a pretty mixed flock - Rhode Island Reds, a bantum, 2 Ameraucanas and a pair of Silver Crested Polish and never had any problems. My polish came in as year old hens though, so I'm sure that helped them.
I have 2 polish hens mixed with my wide variety of hens and one rooster (about in all) and they seem to all get along fine.
Did I read this right its the rooster that has had to picking issues not the hens I have polish in my grow out pen with cochins and so far they are fine They have been together since they arrived together and no picking.

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