*Poll* Which Incubator is Better?

Which out of the 3 is better in your opinion?

  • Hova-Bator Circulated air

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  • Little Giant still air

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Aug 1, 2020
Ok so I’m gonna try something different. I’ll break this up into parts for the last little bit of my data. For my other poll, you had to choose from one incubator out of about 15. Here, I’m going to do 3 options. I still need your valued and detailed opinions! So to start us off, which is better in your opinion? The Hova-Bator circulated air, the Little giant still air, or the Brinsea mini advantage 2? I’m not going to be including an “other” option, since I’m only asking about these for this one. Preferably post why you like one of those incubators over the others. Also one last thing- this goes along with my other thread...this data is for an article. Here is the link to the other:


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