Poly-Vi-Sol dosage question

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Poppy Creek Farm
10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
I have a bunch of birds that I brought in and I believe they are vitamin deficient, amongst other issues.

There's several of the and I can't face dosing each individual bird.

What's the dosage of it if I put it in a gallon waterer?
If you want to add vitamins to their diet, I would use a product that is meant to be added to water, such as aviacharge or rooster booster vitamins and minerals. They will tell you exactly how much to put in the water. Poly-vi-sol doesn't taste very good, and I would be concerned that they would avoid drinking enough water, as well as not knowing the correct dosage. Check with your local feedstore and I"m sure they'll have an appropriate product. You can also give them nutritious foods such as scrambled egg, plain yogurt mixed with crumble, a little extra protein with cat food, washed cottage cheese etc.. Good luck!

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