Poly-Vi-Sol or B complex???? Please help!


11 Years
Apr 28, 2010
I have a chiken who went from falling down to pretty much crippled, just her, and nobody else in the flock is acting ill. I thought she got injured until researching, and it sounds like it might be a vitamin deficiency? With that said, I went to Wal-Mart, and the only poly-vi-sol they had was with iron. I live in a very small town, and Wal-mart is my only choice. I'm assuming I can not give that to her??? I also picked up Liquid B complex. Would that be safer to give? She's been like this for a few days, so I need answer soon, so I can give her some immediately please.

Thank you in advance!!
If I were you I'd look on line to see what there is in the way of poultry vitamins. Most hatcheries and poultry suppliers have vitamins available at a reasonable price. We have a pullet like that too, she just turned up very lame and we don't know why. It's possible that your bird injured herself by falling off a roost or getting her foot caught, or sometimes the roosters will injure the hens when they mount them. Can you keep her in a small pen so she can rest it for a few weeks? also you can try crushing up a baby aspirin and giving it to her in soft food that she likes, twice a day.
DUH! I forgot I have a nearby Walgreens, I called and they have some without iron, so I'll pick some up later today. I don't think it's an injury because she's gotten progressively worse. I have her separated from the rest of them. She's in her own spot, but not even standing at this point. I feel terrible I didn't start her on the vitamins earlier. I so hope they work for her. Thank you!
I have given Liquid B complex to a bird and they made a great turn around.
I never had any success with supplements in trying to treat birds with neuro symptoms possibly related to deficiencies, but I'll be interested to try the Liguid B if there is a next time. How much do you give, how often, and for how long? Maybe I'll try it on our pullet and see if helps her...although I do think she has an injury in there somewhere.

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