poly vi sol w/ iron


9 Years
Oct 26, 2010
Wee Acres
When our 3 turkey poults got sick, we accidentally got the poly vi sol with iron instead of the kind w/o. As the poults were a gift, I don't know their age, but they were probably about a week old and were lethargic, gasping, unable to stand, sneezing and had diarrhea. The ppl who gave the to us didn't know they had to be kept warm, or that they should give the food or water since they were going to bring them to us in a day or so
Anyway, I gave tried to give them 3-4 drops twice a day - I say try, because I think turkeys are the mules of the poultry kingdom - and they didn't seem to suffer any ill effects. One got sick again and died, but he had always been the worst off. Just putting this out there because although everyone says get the kind w/o iron, no one seems to know why you can't give the other kind, and ppl get kinda freaked if they can only find the other kind. If I had to keep it up for more than 3-4 days it might have been a problem, or if they hadn't had diarrhea to begin with, maybe, since iron can cause constipation, idk, it's possible iron would have long term side effects, I'm no scientist. Just sayin' that in my case it was probably better than nothing and they seem ok now.

Other things we did for the turkeys: Sulmet in their water, Sav-a-Chik electrolyte mix, cod liver oil (pills are cheaper than the pure oil, put some in a small dish and pour just enough boiling water over to cover, wait a little for the gelatin to soften and mash them, the oil floats to top) boiled egg yolk, high quality cat food, live culture yogurt, but the thing that seemed to make the most difference was a dab of vap-o-rub under the wings. I hated to do it, but by that point, my husband was supposed to cull them when he came home from work in the morning, so before I went to bed I put some Vick's on them. The next morning they were all up walking around! A day or so later one did get sick again and die, but the other two grow like weeds and are the proud parents of 6 guinea keets, lol
BTW: a little orange gello powder mixed into anything makes it more appealing to sick chicks or turkeys, and Poly Vi Sol stains like the dickens!

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