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    :)Hi there
    A quick question
    I want to build a pond which will be about 84 inches long, 40 inches wide and 30 inches tall(its rectangular)
    How large of a pond liner will I have to purchase to build this pond?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. debilorrah

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    It needs to overlap at least 18 inches because when you fill it, it pulls it in.
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    I would go with 15' X 15'(or something close to that) just so you have enough all around the edges.
    You can look yourself, just google pond liner calculator and input your dimensions.

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    And also, if you arent already planning on it, if you are planning to have a pump and water flow and all that in it. You'll want to build yourself a bio filter to keep your pond water from getting over run with the "pea soup" looking algea and keep your water clear and healthy. You can look up youtube vids on how to build them or PM me and I'll tell you, but they are really cheap and easy to make and will make your pond look so much better. I struggled with green water in goldfish ponds for years until I started using a bio filter so I thought I'd just pass the info along .
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    These people are my pond heros...they helped me so much in my pond building. This has some basics on figuring out liner size.


    Personally, I wouldn't buy the liner until you have the pond dug. When the hole is finished, lay a rope or hose from edge to edge following all the pond contours and needed liner overlap, then measure the rope. This will give you a very accurate number. I built a bog garden on my pond for the bio filter. I still have algae, but the water is crystal clear. Most liner is made in five foot widths, so you might as well try to get close to those sort of numbers. My first pond I used cheap home depot liner, I'm much happier with the thicker rubber liner from the pond shop.

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