pond/dugout stocking with fish?


5 Years
Oct 27, 2016
hello everyone, anyone here stock a pond with fish?

this is my idea, right now i have two really good dug outs, on some of my family's farm. and thinking of maybe stocking them with trout for fun and food. there about 15-25 feet deep i was told, about half an acre each.

then to stock them early spring and harvest late fall. i have no intention of keeping them over winter.

now the only issue is these dugouts are about an hour and 30 mins away from where i live. meaning no one can feed them, so would it be possible they survive on there own with natural food, like fresh water bugs and those shrimp looking things? like wild or stocked trout in a lake? or is this just a far fetched idea?

thanks itsasmallfarm out.


8 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
A friend of mine in Central Illinois, has a few ponds on his farm. He stocks them with catfish, crappie, bluegill, and bass. He purchases the fish thru his local COOP. He feeds them daily. Uses a fishing pole to get his dinner as needed. They are there year-round over winter of course. Ponds do not freeze over (solid) to kill fish, but they do freeze.
He does not stock trout.
Your trout will survive to a degree, but may not necessarily grow to the desired size in the time-frame you mention. Consider other fish besides trout.
Is there a reason you do not want the fish there permanently year to year???

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